19 Value: FAIRNESS

I am very sorry for being late on these freebies. I had to move out of my flat, organize some stuff with the visum as I am going to the USA in February (“yeay”) and I had to finish my master thesis. (Anybody of you living in california and can give me some tipps? 😀 ) Pretty much stuff at the same time but slowly it is getting better :). Hope you are still interested in some great goodies. Here is #19:

Fair isn’t everybody getting the same thing…
Fair is everybody getting what they need in order to be successful.

Values of Life Fairness

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So what do you think about fairness? I think it is hard to keep your own balance on it. Sometimes I just think “why should I be fair as others would not be”. And sometimes I just think of Karma and “living with myself”…it’s not about what others do but about ourselves and if we can cope with our “me”. Sorry for expressing this so confusing but in my mind it made sense :D.

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