CITY TRIPS: Paris – Inspiration & Template Freebie

Start off with my city albums

Time flies by but I am not just hanging around – a lot of stuff is happening and we have an amazing summer here in Germany. I cannot remember that it was so hot for such a long time. Still, I was able to start off with my planned city albums. I just love city trips and I had quite a lot of them within the last years. First album will be about PARIS – such an amazing and lovely city. Have you ever been there?

I created a template for the album which keeps the album simple but gives the opportunity to make pages still different. You can find it at the end of the post for free :).

Here are my first pages:

Paris_Capital of Love


Notre Dame


La Tour d'Eiffel


Majestic Basilica


Template Freebie

Just click here to get the two templates: DOWNLOAD

Template Freebie 1
Template 1

Template Freebie 2
Template 2

And do you think you could use them for something? I would love to see it if you use it somewhere. I am so looking forward to get my album done and to have it printed :).



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