Project Life 2016: Inspiration & Template Freebie

It’s time for Project Life 2016

I think I did a great job with my project life 2015 (pictures will follow soon) – so I am eager to start my project life 2016. I had such great feelings when “re-living” all my weeks. It helped me to realize how awesome my life is and what a great year it was.

Here I will share more details about my project and I will give you my template for free.

Example Page



This time I plan to use a grey background. I also try to find a better and easier method to keep up with my pages. I use the Collect App to document my week directly on my phone. With this I can use any time I have during the day to write something about my special moments. I realized last year that I started forgetting feelings, moments, thoughts. I try now to document these things much more. And I also export the photos directly from the app (through Dropbox) to use it in my Photoshop Template. So I save the time to insert photos and texts separately. I still need some minutes to choose between my pictures but this method is much faster than last year. It’s end of week 5 and I finished my Project Life Page Week 5 today – so proud :).

I used the fonts RockOut and UnskinnyBob. The Background Paper ist from KimB Designs.

Journaling Cards

So far, I finished week 5 but I never had space for any journaling cards – I always have so many pictures, it’s too hard to choose.

And recently I started follow some awesome pages on Instagram called Wordporn and Visual Statements. I love the quotes and they somehow always fit into my life. So I try to insert them into my project life. I might show you some pages when they are a little bit less “personal” ;).

Free Template

Here you can see two variants of the template. Just play around with the layers in the template. I also decided to create my own calendar card – so I am flexible every month.

Project Life 2016 Template Original
Project Life Template Original

Project Life 2016 Template Variant
Project Life Template Variant

Here you can download the template from Dropbox: DOWNLOAD.


How do you plan to document your 2016? I’d love to hear from you.



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