“My Year Book” Series: A gift for my parents

A year book about my main achievements every year

I started in 2008 to create a year book about me for my parents and they get it every Christmas as a present. Reason behind is that I moved out in 2006 and I wanted to give my parents a possibility to be still a part of my life. So they can always check on my last years, what I did, where I lived and with who I was.

2015-12-27 16.12.28

My life is not standing still since then, there is always so much happening and changing. Every end of the year when I start to create the album, I am impressed how much I have experienced. This is a good way to reflect on myself and to realize how awesome my life is. And additionally, I always have a nice gift for my parents and they are happy about it.

I try not to be a perfectionist about those books. I try to create some nice layouts but saving time here is very important. So I use mostly templates instead of creating from scratch. And I use nice resource kits from the internet instead of creating the material myself. I take more time thinking about the content and about some nice words for my parents.

I want to share some of the layouts and details with you.


Year Book 2008


Year Book 2009

HAHA  – Look at my basic use of elements – you can see that I started the digital scrapbooking in these years. But I guess that was still the time where I didn’t discover this big scrapbooking community out there.


Year Book 2010


Year Book 2011

I always need to be very disciplined to begin and finish the year book. I cannot say it’s not stressful but then again I know I am doing that for the people I love.


Year Book 2012

I think that was my first year using Adobe Photoshop for creating my layouts. The years before I always used the online software from the printing companies. I realized how much more possibilities I have with this new way of scrapbooking.


Year Book 2013

It’s so funny to see how I developed but also my scrapbooking skills developed with every year. The first years were quite basic and it got more and more creative in the end. Let’s see how they will look like in 10 years :).


Year Book 2014


Year Book 2015

I am actually thinking of printing them all once again for myself. It’s so cool to look through all of them and see what I did in the last couple of years.

Do you do something like this? Could you imagine to be so disciplined? 🙂

Have a great week,


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