23 Value: FANTASY

Merry Christmas to everybody! I had already some lovely time with my family. I just love the food and the love we share. I hope you also have some awesome christmas days. There is one freebie today and the last one will be online by tomorrow. So stay tuned and I appology for being late again :).

it wakes up the brain cells.
FANTASY is a necessary ingredient in living;
It’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.
Which is what I do;
And that enables you to laugh at life’s REALITIES.
-Dr. Suess

Values of Life Fantasy

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This is one of my favorite values of life. I just love fantasy…especially when you are creative you just need some fantasy. And also in daily life it cannot hurt to think of different ways and other things than “normal”. What about you? Do you have fantasy? Or do you think this is “nonsense” ? 🙂


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