24 Value: PROGRESS

Lovely people! This is my last “VALUE OF LIFE” for now and I hope you liked what I offered to you. Some people asked me about getting the missed downloads somehow. I am thinking about it and might set up a possibility to buy them somewhere. I’ll let you know about that as soon as I made a decision.

When you feel like quitting
think about why you started.

Values of Life Progress

Download here from Dropbox: DOWNLOAD (Sorry, the calendar came to an end and the link expired)

I so wanted to integrate this value of life, but I had some troubles with “catching” the right wording. For me, there are lot of people out there who just cancel some progress because it is getting difficult. But sometimes you just have to hold on and manage such a hard moment. Progress means for me to develop yourself, relationships or situations. And to be not afraid to be in the “flow” of life…there will always be new things or moments where you have to withstand a situation. Sometimes it is necessary to be open-minded for change and also to beginn something new. In the most cases it is easier to let everything be like it always was…but life has to offer so much more, don’t miss it! 🙂


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