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Artsy Scrapbooking

How to get an “Artsy Scrapbooking” Style on your layouts


Have you ever stumbled over these layouts where pictures and background melt together? I was totally impressed when I spotted the first layouts. The approach was totally different to the one I knew before. It’s not really “just” about putting a picture on a page. It’s more about to find the perfect combination of pictures, smooth transitions, little writings and different papers. The pictures are perfect integrated within a little piece of art. The focus is not on “clean” or “straight”. You can use your full creativity without taking care of perfect lines There are a lot of great artists out there who are great within this little own world of Artsy Scrapbooking. I guess you should have a look at the designs of Anna Aspnes or Rachel.
You will find in my post some awesome example layouts plus tutorials and freebies when appropriate. If you have any questions or need any more tutorials or instructions do not hesitate to contact me.

Tip #1: Use different MASKS for photos

With clipping masks photos are integrated fluently into a layout. I just love how the parts of such a layout fit together perfectly. The photos are not longer limited to their “edges”. Masks provide the possibility to get a smooth transition.

Moments Like This Home Sweet Home
Credit: “Moments Like This” by momadee Credit: “Home Sweet Home” by Heather Prins



Penmanship Photo Masks
Download: Mask freebie from Studio Viva Artistry Download: Photo Masks by Palvinka Designs


Tip #2: FRAME just a part of a photo

I never had the idea to frame just a part of a picture until I saw the first layout. Just loooved Artsy Scrapbooking immediately! I like this method as you can choose the focus of the photo. In this way you can “lead the eye” of the viewer. I guess this is just possible if you have one photo. But give it a try. There are so many awesome frames out there which need to be used.

My Town Serenity
Credit: “My Town” by tracermajig Credit: “Serenity” by oldvwblues


Vintage Frames Frame freebies
Download: Vintage Frame Freebie from Mommyish Download: Frame freebies by Carley’s Digi Scraps


Tip #3: Use different BLENDING modes

Quentin Explore. Dream. Discover
Credit: “Quentin” by salamandrescrap Credit: “Explore. Dream. Discover” by Eszter



Tip #4: Work over photos to get a DRAFT LOOK

This is such an awesome technique. The photos look as if they are in a progress of drawing. It looks so interesting. Give it a try with one of the tutorials. It is easier than you might think. And the result is gorgeous and looks very professional.

Venice Beautiful Monterey
Credit: “Venice” by mrymoores Credit: “Beautiful Monterey” by Jeanzie



Tip #5: Integrate some easy DRAWING or DOODLES

It’s just so easy to fill the layout with some personal details. There is no need for straight lines or perfect drawings in Artsy Scrapbooking. Just scribble a little bit and leave your own track. This is a very easy way to add words, dates or even to connect elements which seem to be too far away from eachother. It’s just fun to leave some very own doodles. This is even possible with your computer mouse in photoshop.

Autumn Promenade Spring
Credit: “Autumn Promenade” by casbury Credit: “Spring” by Guinevere3



Doodle Arrows doodle borders
Download: Doodle Arrows from Isa’s Place Download: Doodle Borders by mleCard


If you want to check out some more layouts for Artsy Scrapbooking have a look at my PINTEREST board here:


I am happy to hear about your opinion. Do you like Artsy Scrapbooking? Do you want to give it a try? Are you already working with this style? I am just starting to experiment a little with it. I hope you might have got some inspiration for your own layouts. Have a good time!

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