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Great designs start with the right colors in mind. For me, my design ideas often come with chosing a color palette. Color inspiration is the basis for objective, themes or style of the whole design.

Sometimes it is hard to come up with a nice color combination. Fortunately, there are several possibilities within the internet, that help to boost your creativity. Here you will find several examples.
I plan to extend this list regularly…so make sure to check back once in a while :).

Here is the overview:

Design Seeds Red Peach Designs
Angie Sandy Pastel Feather Studio
Made by Lita Brandi Hussey Color Blog

Color Inspiration


Awesome color palettes from Design Seeds

Link: Design Seeds
For me it is the main source of color palettes. There are so many here and they are just beautiful to look at. If you haven’t heard from it so far make sure to check this webpage out.

Awesome color palettes from Red Peach Designs

Link: Red Peach Designs
You will find some really nice color combinations on this lovely page. See some examples below:

Awesome color palettes from Angie Sandy

Link: Angie Sandy
I am very impressed by the ideas I get from the color inspiration from this blog. There are a lot of great palettes, look at the two following ones:

Awesome color palettes from Pastel Feather Studio

Link: Pastel Feather Studio
With these beautiful photographs you almost forget about the reason of visiting this page. Check out some of the lovely color palettes here:

Awesome color palettes from Made by Lita

Link: Made by Lita
This is a perfect source to find some color inspiration. I especially love the natural tones as you can see in the two examples:

Awesome color palettes from Brandi Hussey

Link: Brandi Hussey Color Blog
Full concentration on colors provides this blog. Without distraction of a photograph you can enjoy this color inspiration in an unbiased way. You are free to live your own creativity with color palettes like the two following ones:

That’s everything so far. If you have any other suggestions I am happy to hear from you. You can find some more color inspiration on my Pinterest board:
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