Project Life Ideas #1 for Inspiration

Project Life Ideas

Project Life Ideas #1:
Get out your creativity


I thought I might share some Project Life ideas which I collected actually for my own. Thanks to Pinterest & Internet I found some very nice layouts. Additionally I collected some nice Freebies according to the different layout tips. Feel free to leave a comment or just get inspired.




Tip #1: Write directly on photos

I think it is an awesome way of documenting life if you write some thoughts directly on the photos – this is a very big advantage of Digital Scrapbooking, you can just do everything. But you do not even need Photoshop etc. for this. There is for example the app Aviary which is offering easy possibility to put text on pictures.

Credit: Kimmie Young.

Find some more interesting tips here: The DAILY Digi.

Find some great free overlays at A Vegas Girl at Heart:

Tip #2: Use more photos, less words

As I love photos I want to try the idea of using more photos and less words. Actually the photos of Project Life should speek for themselves…I tend to explain way too much on every page.

Credit: Unknown

Finde some great free journaling cards with few words here at KLP Designs.

Tip #3: Use frames and make stacks

A layout can be very special of you choose several pics and use frames for them and/or make a stack with fasteners. I like this idea because you can focus on some important photos.

Credit: Katie Pertiet.

Find some awesome FREE frames here at PixelBerryPie:

Tip #4: Get away from straight

In the most layouts of Project Life there are just straight pictures, texts, etc. But what about getting away from that and try to experiment a little with the position of the pics?!

Credit: Katie Pertiet.

Find some awesome Fasteners here at The Scrappin Cop:

Tip #5: Use just one color for highlighting

I very much love the idea of using just one color for highlighting a page…In my opinion the pictures are colorful enough and I like this clean style. It is a very nice layout and nice to look at.

Credit: Katie Pertiet.

Here are some nice “single-colored” project life cards from Sweet Rose Studio:

If you want feel free to have a look at my Pinterest Board for more Project Life Ideas:

Have a good time!

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